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9th Street BIA--May 16,20 09

BIA on May 16th  at 9th Street proved to be yet another killer event for the Madrid Team. As always, the team did an outstanding job of showing everyone how it's done! Following is how everyone did, along with a group picture from that day! Congratulations everyone for yet another job well done!


Joe Grozden--1st

Colin Goddard --3rd

AA (Elite)

Erik Buell--1st

Juniors (15 -17) 

Erik Buell--1st

Masters (30+)

Alex "Albo" Brickel--1st

Pro DK

Joe Grozden--1st

AAA (Advanced)

Alex Brickel--2nd

Colin Goddard--3rd

Hunter Fedden--4th



Keila Grozden--1st

Natasha Overin--4th