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Joe & Keila Grodzen join team madrid
feb 8th 2009

Joe and Keila Grodzen have recently been added to the madrid team!

We are very happy to welcome Joe and Keila to the team for 2009 and beyond..

Joe is very happy to be going to this year's Pipeline contest to compete with the world's best riders at the world's best bodyboard contest venue!!!!

Also, the addition of Keila to the women's team will help push the sport of women's bodyboarding in the world to new levels..

Here are some photos of the two on their new boards along the California coast getting ready for Hawaii!!!

The team of Joe & Keila Grodzen will also be providing some recent photos and videos to the site!!!!

So check back to our news section daily!!!!

Check out the Joe Grodzen mini videos below

Here is Joe checkin' out his new board...

At the salt creek BIA contest

Keila on her new board

..and Keila in L.A. county

Also, the photos updated here

Joe Grodzen mini video